Carles Oliver, IBAVI, H Arquitectes, Aude-Line Duilière and Renaud Haerlingen, ROTOR

Lecture Loop Disseny

A series of programmed lectures given international names were given for two days, dealing with architecture and urban mining.

The architect Carles Oliver conveyed his infectious passion in “Quatre maresos i un poc d’alga” (Four sandstones and some seaweed). The head of the Technical Department of the IBAVI and the winner of the Guillem Sagrera Architecture Prize at the Ciutat de Palma Awards, Oliver gave an account of some of his projects, such as the public housing project in Salvador Espriu street, an example of the recovery of traditional architecture and the fight against climate change.

Roger Tudó made a plea for his living space. The founder of H Arquitectes ran through the birth-life-death timeline and applied it to architecture: “circularity is the relationship between these parts, it is like a reincarnation of the soul of things”. His motto: “better than before, better than new, better in the long term”.

Lecture Loop Disseny

Renaud Haerlingen and Aude-Line Dulière, members of Rotor, stressed that current consumption levels are unsustainable, which cannot be changed immediately: “however difficult and uncomfortable they may be, we have to start imagining new futures”.

Jaume Mayol and Irene Pérez, from Ted’A ARQUITECTES, spoke about natural resources, identity and waste. They presented their work with real cases, such as the house in Montuïri where they broke the stones in order to preserve them; or the Romanesque-like bridge built from the ruins of a church.

Guillem Aloy moderated the TALKS. An architect, researcher and lecturer at the ETS Arquitectura Barcelona-UPC school of architecture, Guillem Aloy is the co-author of the design proposals for the new hygroscopic llambordí (paving stone) for the LOOP project.