During LOOP Disseny i Circularitat’s “Connecting to transform” (“Conectar para transformar”) day, a series of conferences were scheduled with local actors and a selected group of specialists with diverse profiles.


Francesca Martí, director of the Deixalles Foundation and of the project “Fem que circulle”, declared that 90.9% of the hotel articles managed during the last year have been reused. This means that 453 tonnes of CO₂ emissions have been avoided.


Céline Álvarez, member of Sustainable Consulting XXI, spoke about the progress of circularity in the hotel sector.


For her part, Sònia Torres, commercial director of Lafiore Glass, explained “Som circulars”, a project to collect waste glass in the Arenal hotels and its subsequent reconversion into products for use in the hotels themselves.


The projects carried out for LOOP 2024 were also presented, giving a voice to the designers participating in this edition and other projects for the 2021 and 2022 editions. Nico Guevara, Jandro Bonet, Adriane Escarfullery, Margarita Payeras, Paula Chacartegui, Sara Regal, Cecilia Sörensen, Pedro Monge and Mirenchu Beacohechea were the designers in charge of showcasing their talent.


Local producers were represented by Vestuarios Mallorca, Fusteria Escaire, Taller Tèxtil Es Ministeri, the workshops of the Fundació Deixalles, Germans Adrover and CETEBAL.






After the conferences, more than a hundred participants had the opportunity to make contacts with the producers, designers and institutions present.


The LOOP took advantage of the meeting to show the new objects that have been made with materials from the HORECA sector collected by the Deixalles Foundationthrough the “F que circuli” project. These are prototypes created by ten designers and produced by six local workshops. It must be taken into account that the HORECA sector has many materials that need to be replaced and that are in good condition, as well as used products that become discarded items due to their own rotation. For this reason, making the sector aware of the possibilities that exist in the reuse of its materials, with the intervention of designers and local workshops, is a challenge and at the same time an opportunity to promote circularity in the Balearic Islands.