Business Synergies to Develop Quality Products.

Studio Jaia / Amarar

Amarar is committed to innovation and technology in the manufacturing processes, as well as to the design of long-lasting products, seeking environmental coherence in the design phases and manufacturing processes. The name Amarar is due to the recovery of local ancestral techniques in the treatment of this material by immersion in water to achieve a more stable, more durable and easier to work wood. Also the innovation in the design of the joints exclusively with wood takes us back to techniques that date back to the past. The result of the product makes this furniture go beyond the creative process and go into the material development that goes beyond paper to become a solution and environmental activism.

Studio Jaia is a furniture design and pattern making studio, dedicated to the mixture of traditional craftsmanship and modern design, minimalist design is combined with hand-woven geometric patterns, preserving traditional techniques (cordats mallorquins).

This armchair made of local pine wood with recycled cotton rope is the result of a collaboration between different craftsmen and professionals committed to sustainability and design quality. The creation of business synergies has allowed the pooling of knowledge, resources and skills to develop a high quality product.

This design is an example of sustainable and circular furniture. Pine wood is a renewable natural resource with a low environmental impact that is sourced locally, which means it does not create externalities elsewhere. In addition, the rope comes from recycled materials and is manufactured on the peninsula.

It is a design that arises from the need to optimize each material for its use. The wooden structure provides rigidity and support, while the corded surfaces provide comfort and adaptability for the correct ergonomics of the seat.

It is a piece of furniture that stands out for its elegant simplicity and welcoming appearance. The choice of pine wood and cotton demonstrates how design can emerge from the simplest of materials. The pine wood gives the armchair a natural and warm appearance, while the straight lines give it a modern and sophisticated look. In addition, the use of cotton rope further accentuates the cosy and soft feel of the armchair, creating a pleasant contrast of textures.

The piece recovers the cordage of traditional furniture, bringing it closer to contemporary furniture. The patterns created by Studio Jaia dialogue with the wood, creating shapes and patterns proportionate to Amarar’s structure.