Canvas from discarded beach hammocks

DEEP BLUE SEE armchair


Adriane Escarfullery has worked for the architectural studio García Ruiz, for the Jardines de Tramuntana group and for Zanobia Arquitectura. She has also worked in Lyon with furniture designer and architect Jérôme Sornay, at Desitecture, Layton Reid, creating conceptual designs for the future of skyscrapers, at Benoy where she collaborated on designs for hotels, residential complexes and urban planning. He also participated in several architecture and design competitions such as Hakathon, Evolo and more.

His proposal for the Coral Monte master plan in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, won first place in the competition.



Adriane Escarfullery for LOOP Design and Circularity

Post-consumption materials by Deixalles

Reused beech wood

Re-used beach canvas

Recovered foscurit-reinforcement fabric


Carpentry _ Fusteria Ebenisteria Escaire

Upholstery _ Fundació Deixalles Sewing workshop

DEEP BLUE SEE armchair

Designed to recycle all maritime textiles, such as beach hammocks, boat sails and all types of wood. Its design consists of small pieces of recycled wood and the hanging backrest is made of fabric, which allows it to adapt perfectly to the body. Depending on the materials used, it can be adapted for outdoor use. Produced by Fusteria i Ebenisteria Escaire and the Deixalles Foundationsewing workshop.