Traceability of Pieces Made From Local Fabrics and With Nfc Technology.

Pablo Erroz

Pablo Erroz is a multidisciplinary brand/concept, created in 2012 by the designer who gives it a name and life under the concept of seasonless, individualistic and genderless quality clothing made in Spain for multitasking citizens of the world.

Clothing+leather goods with smart vs. sporty styles, together with an approach to craftsmanship and a love attraction to outer garments. Since 2018, its aim has been to combine an annual and timeless proposal, extendable to a whole year, merging summer with winter to eliminate seasons and encourage a more caring and sustainable consumption, as well as more limited and exclusive. This offers the premise and the added value of being able to join together opposing markets and different target audiences, through a collection that revolves around a full year of life, and managing to position itself as a brand with a positive environmental impact.

Nicknamed by Vogue as a worthy “heir to the New York cool” as well as one of the most promising national designers of the time, the brand also has several awards including the Onda Cero design awards (2014), Barcelona Designers Collective (2015) – coordinated by Georgina Chapman (Marchesa) and Collin McDowell (Vogue USA) – as well as the best Spanish male designer in the prestigious Woolmark Prize International (2017).

Since the beginning, he has been presenting his collections on different platforms including MBFWMadrid, Vienna Fashion Week and currently under the framework of 080 Barcelona Fashion. In 2016, the trends portal WGSN included him in its “brands to watch” section, and for three consecutive years (2018, 2019 and 2020) he has been a finalist for Vogue Spain’s Who’s On Next award for best designer of the year. It is also currently one of the brands included in the Italian section of Vogue Talents.

Considering that resources are limited, we have decided not to create any fabrics for our collections but to buy from existing items. Or, if we have to create fabrics, to do it through recycled fibres or garments, giving them a new life and investing in a real circular economy. Also, the fact of buying surplus stock makes us support new types of business based on the purchase of leftovers, which were destined for incineration, disappearance or pollution; but thanks to these business models they will end up being used.

We have the responsibility and the objective as a brand to constantly seek ways to be more sustainable, get closer to the consumer and be more transparent. BlueBite and NFC technology will enable us to trace products at all times, just by scanning our garments with a smartphone that will provide us with a digital experience where we can access all the information relating to them.

We certainly believe that initiatives like this are the future and it is our duty to investigate them. All our garments created with LOOP have this technology incorporated, so that the origin can always be traced and enable us to give added value to these garments, letting the world know what is behind them.

When we talk about sustainability, we must always go back to the origin of the word. Being sustainable is nothing more than being able to have a business, product, company… that can sustain itself (stay alive) in the short, medium and long term. Not in a cyclical way, but permanently. Being aspirational, I would say forever. For this very reason, we must remember that resources are limited and that we must therefore work hard to achieve our goals.