A Commitment to Manufacturing and the Optimisation of Local Resources.

Paula Chacartegui

Paula Chacartegui (1995) is a Majorcan designer. Her work ranges from product design to installations and conceptual pieces. After graduating from IED (2018), she worked as an intern for Martí Guixé (2018-2019) and Marcel Wanders (2019). It was during this time that she specialized in the field of crafts and obtained her diploma in “Crafts and Luxury” from the ECAL master’s degree (2019-2020). Since then, she has been working in Palma de Mallorca as a designer focusing on local crafts developing furniture, lighting, and textiles.

Paula has designed an armchair that reflects the Mediterranean lifestyle, a warm and relaxed style. Designed and handcrafted in Majorca, it is noted for sinuous feminine curves, spaciousness and low height creating harmony and comfort. The sustainability of this product is reflected in the typical craftsmanship of the island and the materials it is made of. Both techniques, carpentry and jute cordage, are developed in Manacor and Llucmajor, respectively. In short, the armchair favours local product, design and work.