Digital manufacturing technologies to create objects from plastic waste.

ReThink Ibiza Design

ReThink Ibiza Design proposes a new way of thinking about materials and solutions for interior design and decoration.

The project was launched Ibiza in 2018 based on the international experience of a group of professionals in the sector who share the vision of integrating digital manufacturing technologies with the originality of craftsmanship.

They are committed to innovation and sustainability, offering comprehensive interior design and architecture and 3D layout services as well as the manufacture of custom-made furniture and personalised decorations.

Inside the studio is the PlúsTic Lab, a laboratory of circular design and plastic recycling.

They use digital manufacturing technologies and Precious Plastic machines to create objects and art from plastic waste, in order to promote sustainable and circular consumption.

“[…] plastic is an important and valuable material that is useful in our society and economy. However, the way plastics are currently produced and used is both unaffordable and unsustainable.”

The PlúsTic Lab promotes a participatory approach to the ecological crisis of plastic pollution and ReThic Lab’s mission and ReThink Ibiza Design’s mission is to raise awareness by creating inspiring objects and designs.